2016 was recognised within our firm as an evolutionary year, and so we have much to be thankful for and as much to look forward to as we enter 2017.

Firstly, thank you to our clients who have continued to support us. We look forward to the seemingly never-ending challenges that we face together!

T2 was launched last year to provide clients with a greater understanding of who and where our people are, and the extensive range of skills they have to offer. We hope readers find our T2 articles useful. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions for useful topics are welcomed.
The Thornton Tomasetti Property Loss Consulting Practice has grown from a domestic US business to a leading International group by insurance clients. Under new leadership, the team is motivated by a number of decent wins this year including new calls for our seismic experience following the recent earthquake in New Zealand. There are few, if any, engineering firms in the world that have the benefit of our experience under these conditions.

We enter 2017 optimistically, heightened by the extended range of services that we offer. This we present through the merger with our former Weidlinger colleagues – the launch of our Petrochemical services.
It has been fantastic to receive so many calls from International clients with confidence in our ability to provide investigative support in countries like Dubai, China, Angola, Sweden, Bahamas, Chile and Mexico. The opening of offices in Toronto and Wellington, New Zealand give us depth in places that our clients tell they need us to be, and we have further planned expansions to offices in Mumbai, Fort Lauderdale.
We feel that there are many exciting things about to unravel at Thornton Tomasetti and that we have the right team on the bus.

By Lenny Alexander, Vice President, Thornton Tomasetti