Lenny Alexander on the 86th Spring & Education LEA Conference

In January and June each year, staff associated with Thornton Tomasetti PLC attend the Loss Executives Association conference, a gathering of Insurance Property Claims professionals. Typically, they come from throughout the UK and North America and include, insurers, loss adjusters and attorneys.

As a member-based organisation, it was founded over 85 years ago and provides a platform for discussion, study and industry news. Most of the premier Insurance companies in the United States are represented here. It’s fascinating to think that many of the people that attend exist only because of the thousands of loss-making events that occur, not just in the US, but in the rest of the world. The classes attended are considered invaluable since the points accumulated go towards maintaining US professional license requirements (for loss adjusters).

The LEA is dedicated to the investment in the future of its members, of which there are roughly 950. Most of its regular members are senior property claims professionals with significant expertise and decades of experience in the business. Each participating company is limited to the nomination of two representative members who in turn are allowed to invite two guests. Thornton Tomasetti is represented by Lenny Alexander and James Cohen. Speaking opportunities at this forum are invaluable.

This year’s winter event was as always in Tampa, Florida and the spring event just finished in Newport, Rhode Island.

It is important that our Forensic and Insurance services work is aligned to the discussions and thinking that comes out of this organisation. The read across in terms of the themes that we have adopted at TT,  i.e Integration and Collaboration, apply to ideas that we develop for blending into the world of insurance clients.  I was recently asked whether TT was aware of its standing in the Financial Services Industry. It is a stark reminder about how diverse our business has become.