Harvey, Irma, Maria and now earthquakes… What’s next

In a seemingly endless run of natural catastrophes, there are swathes of the Caribbean, USA and now Latin America that are laid to ruin. With wildly varying repair estimates running up to $200 billion, the hurricanes alone could be the costliest ever seen, now notwithstanding Mexico City reeling from the latest 7.1 magnitude quake.

So we pose the question of what next? Not to ask what the next catastrophe is going to be, but to ask what do we do next as the insurance industry? Clearly there are well prepared catastrophe plans being put into action, but with it being such a long time since the industry has had to deal with a series of body blows like this, will those dealing with the claims on the ground be able to cope? We are sure that every company is making the best use of its resources and working tirelessly, but we are hearing that many are now working beyond stretching point, especially the front-line loss adjusters.

This is where we want to help. Like others, we have people located in the affected areas who are helping where they can. We have capacity to help more though, so if anyone reading this needs help, then get in touch with us and we’d be delighted to do what we can.

We have advanced data analytics tools that we are making available to our clients, where they can geolocate their insured properties over our mapping tools of the affected areas. This is helping them get a truer idea of the scale of potential liabilities, helping both reserving and claim expert deployments. We’d love to help whoever we can, so again, if you think it could help you, then get in touch.

Contact our response team leaders for assistance:

Nick Saenz, Dallas, 214.846.4056;

Zach Kates, Austin, 202.641.1971;

Bruce Arita, Los Angeles, 310.367.9302

Lenny Alexander, London, 020.7014.4420