Kaiser Permanente Building - Northridge Earthquake

A recent Structure Magazine article written by Thornton Tomasetti Vice President, Michael Cochran, looks into Los Angeles’ significant advancements in earthquake preparedness, including the adoption of building seismic retrofit ordinances following a long history of seismic events.

Since the 1933 Long Beach Earthquake, Los Angeles has embarked on a long-term retrofit program to educate the public, help building owners seismically strengthen their buildings and improve overall community resiliency to any future earthquakes.

Cochran speaks of the impetus for this program being the Los Angeles Times getting wind of a University of California study that was being conducted on non-ductile concrete buildings, which indicated that potential “collapse hazards” existed. Since the news spread like wildfire, the Times has been on top of this story with periodic coverage that has raised public interest in the topic of seismic strengthening and community resiliency.

You can read the full story on the structure magazine website here.

Image credit: Gary B. Edstrom photo / Wikimedia & Thornton Tomasetti

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