In order to better serve their respective clients needs, Thornton Tomasetti and BRZ-Experts have entered into a strategic alliance.

Clients will now have access to a wider pool of professional engineers specialising in claims analysis in Latin America.

BRZ gains access to Thornton Tomasetti’s International client base, structural, façade and construction engineering expertise, as well as sustainability and protective design skills plus the firm’s cutting edge analytical tools and worldwide property loss consulting experience.

BRZ-Experts in turn, has been providing engineering services to the Brazilian and International Insurance Industries for over 25 years, by developing technical analysis, cause and origin studies and cost estimation to repair structures damaged by claims. BRZ’s team is highly experienced in working with forensics and risk management.

Of course, this is an important step for both companies; TT will be able to keep their presence in Brazil, ensuring clients that they will continue to receive service and attention, now in alliance with BRZ-Experts team; and as far as BRZ is concerned, a new practice is being implemented which will provide structural design, as well as, counting on TT’s knowledge in PLC, in order to improve the ability to attend to all kinds of claims related to civil engineering, now with the structural design department ready to develop the most complete and accurate studies for complex claims.

BRZ and TT working together, will surely create opportunities to develop insurance and design markets outside Brazil, with focus on Latin American countries.

Finally, the globalized reinsurance market can count on a new option when appointing engineer experts in LATAM, especially when either catastrophes or complex claims occur, such as damages in tunnels, bridges, power plants, highways, airports, offshore structures among others.