On June 22nd, it was lights out across 29 Thornton Tomasetti offices in seven countries to show our support for Daylight Hour. The annual global social media campaign organised by the Building Energy Exchange aims to promote energy conservation by encouraging the use of natural lighting from 12 noon to 1 p.m., a time of peak energy demand.

We joined more than 644 offices from around the world in demonstrating our commitment to the environment. Over the past four years, we have steadily increased our involvement, and in 2018, a total office area of 301,371 square feet, serving more than 1,235 employees, switched over to daylight.

We were also honoured to receive the Globetrotter prize from Building Energy Exchange for our involvement in averting a total of approx. 402 lbs. in carbon dioxide emissions.

Find out more here: ‘Turn Off the Lights, and Turn Up the Saving‘.

New York Thornton Tomasetti employees getting in the spirit of Daylight Hour.